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I did my pelvic floor rehabilitation with Elodie and couldn’t be happier. She helped me get my pelvic floor in shape after a third degree tearing and also helped me work on mobilising my transverse abdominal muscle to tackle my tum and back issues. I think these exercises are essential after a pregnancy in order to get your body back and I regret that NHS places so little emphasis on women’s recovery after birth.

Soline P.

Virgil got me walking again when I broke my patella last year. And now he’s working with me again on my rotator cuff problem. He is both a physio and an osteopath and as such offers a wide range of support. He is extremely knowledgable about the body and also very psychologically sophisticated, so he knows what buttons to press (literally and metaphorically) to get your body working again. I would recommend him highly.


Very reliable and home visits much appreciated when pregnant or just after baby birth. Elodie was very gentle, and explained everything in details while manipulating. I highly recommend the baby check up at birth and treatments for mummy back pain when breastfeeding etc.

Alice D.

I am grateful to my French Physio for a very efficient and holistic home treatment after I gave birth to my son – and for the exercises she gave me to further my recovery. I was impressed by her experience, her professionalism and her compassionate approach.

Anna V.

Elodie is extremely professional and is so knowledgeable. She really set me at ease and made me feel very comfortable having very uncomfortable treatment. I would recommend her highly to anyone.

Rose L.

I saw Elodie towards the end of my pregnancy, when I developed pain in my hip due to baby lying across rather than head down. She showed me some very useful exercises which greatly helped reduce the pain. Now my hip feels nearly back to normal!

Harriet D.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and had a treatment with Elodie Poissenot this morning. It was fantastic, I left the room feeling light and free from any tension. Elodie is very knowledgeable in women’s health. She provided lots of exercises I can practice at home to help in the last stages of pregnancy and after birth. I am looking forward to putting them into practice and will definitely recommend her services to other pregnant friends.

Marion R.

Amazing treatment. Elodie was knowledgeable, informative, kind and encouraging. She helped me mentally and physically through a very difficult time post birth and made me feel empowered to work with her on my recovery. I can’t recommend her, or indeed thank her enough for the help she gave me.

Chalotte W.

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