Virgil Bru: Sport Physiotherapist & Osteopath specialise in MSK dysfunction

Virgil Bru


Virgil Graduated with a BSc and an MSc in Physiotherapy in 2010 and 2011. After studying 4 years in Belgium, the bad weather made him move back to sunnier regions.

In Spain and then in south west of France, Virgil started to developed his interest in his 3 specialties (Sport Physio, Paediatric and Woman health). During this time, he practiced:

  • With Marcel Caufriez  who taught him no pressure gymnastic (post pregnancy gymnastic, internal link)
  • Within Respiralia a center for children with cystic fibrosis and also further his knowledge in Chest Physiotherapy with Guy Postiaux
  • Within the Polideportivo Principe De España, treating elite athletes of Balearics islands aiming to qualify for national team, international competition or Olympic games
  • Within a post-surgery and trauma rehabilitation center in Bordeaux

In 2012, Virgil moved to London not only to work as a physiotherapist in a new culture and discover a different approach to treatment, but also to complete an MSc in Osteopathy in 2014 at the British School of Osteopathy.

Additionally, he used this time to continue to develop his skills:

  • In Pediatric learning Cranial Osteopathy and other paediatric treatments at the BSO children clinic
  • In Women Health following courses in Visceral Osteopathy and Obstetrical Osteopathy
  • In Sport Physiotherapy completing a DIU (inter-university degree) in sport physiotherapy at the INSEP (French national institute of sport) and following a south London rugby team during and after their games

In parallel of his patients, Virgil always continued his researches (mainly on sitting posture) and he is now teaching in Belgium to physiotherapy students.


Elodie Poissenot

Physiotherapist - Women Health Specialist

Elodie is an active member of the Société Internationale de Rééducation en Pelvi-Périnéologie.
Elodie is a HCPC registered physiotherapist, covered by most insurances.

Since she graduated in physiotherapy in 2010, Elodie hasn’t stopped training and educate herself in several medical fields, especially women health :

  • Medical ethics in 2010
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation in 2011 (manual practice as well as with electronic bracing)
  • Training in the ABDO-Mg (Luc Guillarme method) to prevent hyper pressure on pelvic floor and abdominal diastasis
  • K-Taping training for pre/post partum women and also athletes.

Reaching the limits of traditional physiotherapy, Elodie then trained in manual therapy, specialised in women health from 2011 to 2013.
- In 2012 she graduated in Perineology at Lyon’s university (Fr), as well as getting a Breathing Physiotherapy Diploma in SUK (Paris)
- Since 2012 she trains about twice a year to follow the evolution of techniques and be always up to date, to give the best care to her patients.

In 2014 she followed two trainings in pelvic pain in London and Paris.
In 2015 Elodie focuses on pregnant women’s problems, birth preparation and slink carrying.
She recently trained in sportswomen, abdominal and perineal problems induced by sport practice.

Elodie gave several interviews in french and english magazines :

She worked 4 years in France in Besançon and Lyon, in women-health-specialised offices. She then worked for three years in a london based office, still in the same fields.
Pelvic floor rehab,  pregnancy-related and women health in general are domains in which Elodie is deeply passionated.  She invests herself a lot in her treatments and always push deeper.
Elodie also has important knowledge in paediatrics (neuro motor delay, orthopaedic and traumatology) and a privilege contact with children.