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Karolina Somodi women's health physiotherapy

Karolina graduated as a physiotherapist from Hungary’s leading medical institution, Semmelweis University, in 2022 in Budapest. She completed her MSc at UCL in children’s health in 2023.

During her Bachelor’s degree, she received a scholarship for carrying out research in the field of paediatrics. She focused on the rehabilitation of the first baby who received gene therapy in Hungary for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a rare genetic disease affecting the musculoskeletal system. During her studies, she spent a considerable amount of time on Covid-19 hospital wards taking care of patients as a volunteer and learning about how respiratory diseases could affect the musculoskeletal and neurological systems.   

Besides completing her core rotations in each area within physiotherapy during her Bachelor’s degree, she gained further experience in the treatment of different muscoloskeletal problems, such as back pain, sprain injuries or tendonitis. Specifically, being a dancer herself, she is interested in working with dancers of all kinds and other performing artists.

After the pandemic, she continued her volunteering job on a paediatric rehabilitation ward in one of Budapest’s most prestigious children’s hospitals. There, she saw a wide variety of cases ranging from motor development delays, rare genetic diseases, and neurological dysfunctions to traumatic injuries, oncological cases, and psychological disorders.

After earning her physiotherapist degree, Karolina received a full scolarship to study MSc Infancy and Early Childhood Development at University College London, where she further specialised in the field of paediatrics. She learnt about young children, their development and how to best support their health at Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. Over the course of her studies, she became interested in mothers’ well-being as well. That is why she researched postpartum physical activity and its effect on mothers’ health as part of her degree. She gained knowledge on the specificities of birth and the postnatal period, with a special focus on rehabilitative exercise. During her MSc, she also learnt about the evidence-based physiotherapy of the pelvic floor.

Karolina is an Infant Massage Instructor, a dancer and an enthusiast of babies’ and their mothers’ health and well-being. She is an HCPC-registered physiotherapist, and a member of the CSP and APCP.

Specialized in Sports Physiology and Perineal Rehabilitation Mathilde graduated from the CHU Grenoble Alpes physiotherapy school.

During her apprenticeship, she developed interests in areas such as athlete monitoring and rehabilitation, perineal rehabilitation as well as pediatrics. Areas that she continued to explore within her practice in various firms in Grenoble, then in Paris.

Between 2015 and 2017, she gained experience in the sports world:

By following the women’s Rugby team in Grenoble (cadets then team 2) as a physiotherapist in the pre, during and post match.

On reputable trails and Iron man, as a student and then as a physiotherapist, during the Ultra Trail du Vercors (2 years), the Embrunman (3 years) or the Ultra Trail des 4 Massifs (UT4M).

In Grenoble offices specializing in post-surgical rehabilitation, rehabilitation of skiers and high mountain athletes.

Strongly committed to the rehabilitation of top-level athletes, Mathilde completed her research thesis on the theme of preventing musculoskeletal risks in young dancers in classical dance. His research led him to develop an information and prevention website for classical dance: “Dance your health!”.

It is in this perspective that she wished to prepare a master’s degree in Engineering for Health and Medicines (ISM) by participating in a scientific project conducted with the Opéra Garnier in Paris, “classical dance and cardio respiratory endurance. “.

At the end of 2017, she left the Alps for the capital with a view to developing the field of perineal rehabilitation. She is trained in the perineal file of B. de Gasquet (assessment approach, education, prevention and rehabilitation of the perineum integrating protection of the spine and maintenance of a harmonious abdominal tone) but also other fields such as respiratory physiotherapy in infants. which she practices in a cabinet in Versailles.

Fields :

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Strain Counterstrain (Jones method)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage 
  • Manual visceral therapy 

Benjamin is a physiotherapist since 2019. Originally from France, Benjamin studied in Belgium for four years and graduated with a Mastery degree in physiotherapy.

Throughout his career, Benjamin has been dedicated to continuous education in order to expand his skills and improve patient care. 

In 2019, inspired by teachers and colleagues, he started his first course in visceral manipulation. 

In 2021, he began training in Strain Counterstrain (Jones method), a manual therapy technique that treats muscle and joint pain and dysfunction by releasing tense muscles. In 2022, he furthered his training in Fascial Counterstrain, a method for treating the fascial tissues that cover muscles and internal organs by relieving pain and restrictions in movement.

Today, Benjamin’s practice is exclusively focused on these innovative techniques, which have been proven effective in treating many patients. By using a personalized and attentive approach for each patient, Benjamin strives to find tailored solutions for their needs and to support them throughout their healing journey.


In addition to his practice, Benjamin also spends time volunteering at a charity (dispensaire français) that provides care to patients who cannot afford it. He is committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need and giving back to the community.


Overall, Benjamin is a passionate and competent physiotherapist who is committed to providing superior patient care. Through his expertise in Strain Counterstrain and Fascial Counterstrain, he has helped many patients regain their quality of life and mobility. If you’re looking for a trusted professional to take care of your muscle and joint pain, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Benjamin.


Elodie graduated from the masso-kinesitherapie training institute in Besançon (France) in June 2010.

The same year, she obtained her university diploma in ethics (medical work in multidisciplinarity and management of difficult cases).
Following her diploma, Elodie continues to train and specialize in women’s care.
In 2011, she obtained a diploma in perineal re-education (manual practice and with equipment for perineal re-education), then a diploma in abdominal gymnastics that did not generate pressure (Gasquet method).
At the same time, she also follows the ABDO-Mg training of Luc Guillarme to prevent hyper-pressures on the perineum and abdominal diastasis.
She then continued with a diploma in K-taping in the context of women in pre and post partum but also in the context of sportsmen.
Discovering the limits of traditional physiotherapy, Elodie trained in manual therapy specializing in women’s care from 2011 to 2013.
Then trained in lymphatic drainage thanks to the Schiltz method.

In 2012, Elodie also pursued a university degree in pelvi-perineology at the University of Lyon as well as a diploma in respiratory physiotherapy at SUK in Paris.

Since 2012, Elodie has continued to train (about twice a year) in order to follow the evolution of techniques and participates in numerous conferences.

In 2014, she became interested in perineal pain and participated in 2 trainings in London and Paris on their subject.

In 2015, Elodie refocused on pregnant women and their problems, preparing for childbirth and carrying in a sling.
Lately, Elodie has trained in sports and abdominal or perineal problems caused by sport.

Elodie is an active member of the international society for rehabilitation in pelvi-perinology.

She has also given numerous interviews in French and English magazines:


Elodie worked for 4 years in France in practices located in Besançon and Lyon, specializing in women’s care and pediatrics.
Then, for 3 years, Elodie worked in a London firm also specialized in these same fields.

Perineal rehabilitation and more generally everything related to pregnancy and women’s health are areas that Elodie is very passionate about. She invests a lot in these treatments and always pushes the deepening.
Elodie also has significant knowledge in pediatrics (neuromotor delay, orthopedics and traumatology) and privileged contact with children.

Elodie is a Physiotherapist, HCPC registered, covered by most insurances.

In 2010, Virgil graduated from the physiotherapy institute of Charleroi in Belgium.
The following year, he added a master’s degree in physiotherapy as such.

Tired of the Belgian climate, he decided, thereafter, to practice in Spain and in the south west of France, specializing in 3 areas: Sports physiotherapy, care of women and pediatrics. He works within different structures: With Marcel Cauffriez , specialist in hypopressive gymnastics (very famous in the postnatal field and in the care of women)

  • Within Respiralia , a center for children with cystic fibrosis. He took the opportunity to train in respiratory physiotherapy with Guy Postiaux
  • Within Polideportivo Principe De España, specializing in the treatment of top athletes from the Balearic Islands
  • In a trauma and post-surgical rehabilitation center in Bordeaux

In 2012, Virgil moved to London, not only to practice his profession as a physiotherapist in a new culture and discover a different approach to his profession, but also to obtain a master’s degree in Osteopathy at the very famous British school of osteopathy will graduate in 2014.

At the same time, Virgil continues to train in new areas:

  • In pediatric cranial osteopathy and other pediatric treatments at the BSO Children’s Clinic
  • In women’s care, participating in training in visceral osteopathy and obstetric osteopathy
  • In sports physiotherapy, obtaining an Inter University Diploma at the National Institute of Sport ( INSEP ). He puts this diploma directly into practice by following a South London Rugby team.

In parallel with his patients, Virgil still continues his research mainly focusing on the sitting posture and now teaches in Belgian training institutes.


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