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ANA RONAT-MALLIÉ Physiotherapist Women's health Physio Pelvic floor Rehab

Specialised in :
– Manual Therapy
– Musculoskeletal disorders/ Traumatology
– Sports Physiotherapy
– Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Graduated in 2015 from the Grenoble Alpes physiotherapy school, Ana spent 5 years working as a physiotherapist in private practices around Grenoble, working with a wide range of patients.

This enabled her to approach the numerous areas of rehabilitation and grasp the full richness of the profession before seeking to specialise.

Her first course in manual therapy in 2017 allows her to have a more specific approach to the treatment of pain, while maintaining the conviction that treatment go through restoring the body’s movement.

After a one year training, at the beginning of 2020, she obtained her diploma in sports physiotherapy, focusing on the return to sports after hamstring injury in football players. She then continued to perfect her skills in this field working within a physio practice specialising in the sport’s care, working with top-level sportsmen and women from the University of Grenoble.

She recently trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation in order to discover a new facet of the physiotherapy and intends to continue her training in the rich field of women’s care.

Graduated from the midwifery school of the Foch hospital in Suresnes in June 2007, I worked for more than 10 years in this same hospital in the Paris region. I alternated between consultations, monitoring of high-risk pregnancies, the delivery room and the aftermath of childbirth. At the same time, I took two diplomas, one in 2008 for high-risk pregnancies and initiation into clinical research. The second in 2012 concerned clinical and therapeutic nutrition.

Having become a mother myself 3 times over the years, I understood the importance of personalized and unlimited support throughout this wonderful period of pregnancy and the arrival of a child. Having lived abroad all my childhood and currently living in London, I have many women around me who have become mothers abroad and I have been made
aware of their questions. Becoming a mother far from her landmarks and her family is sometimes a complicated adventure, mixed with doubts and fears.

I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
I offer you personalized follow-up throughout these 9 months and in the weeks or months following the birth.

Pauline offers services in:

  • Pregnancy follow-up
  • Nutritional support
  • Preparing for birth
  • Post-natal follow-up, breastfeeding support and diversification
  • Perineal rehabilitation

To find out more about the Midwifery treatments available at home in London and at our practices in Kentish Town and Pimlico, follow the link:
Midwife treatment

Fields :

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Manual lymphatic drainage 
  • Manual visceral therapy 


After having worked in Belgium, Luxembourg and France, it is now in England that he  moves with his suitcases.

These multinational approaches have influenced and nourished his physiotherapy methods.

Inspired by some professors and colleague in the visceral therapy, It was in Lyon that he received his first course in this field. The positive results encourage him to further specialize in this practice.

Benjamin is also very attentive to pain occurring during prolonged work in front of a screen (back, neck, shoulders, …). He carried out a 1 year study on the right postures to adopt at work. Today, he is convinced that all of these pains could be avoided with:

  • A suitable workstation
  • An exercise routine
  • And posture advice

Specialized in Sports Physiology and Perineal Rehabilitation Mathilde graduated from the CHU Grenoble Alpes physiotherapy school.

During her apprenticeship, she developed interests in areas such as athlete monitoring and rehabilitation, perineal rehabilitation as well as pediatrics. Areas that she continued to explore within her practice in various firms in Grenoble, then in Paris.

Between 2015 and 2017, she gained experience in the sports world:

By following the women’s Rugby team in Grenoble (cadets then team 2) as a physiotherapist in the pre, during and post match.

On reputable trails and Iron man, as a student and then as a physiotherapist, during the Ultra Trail du Vercors (2 years), the Embrunman (3 years) or the Ultra Trail des 4 Massifs (UT4M).

In Grenoble offices specializing in post-surgical rehabilitation, rehabilitation of skiers and high mountain athletes.

Strongly committed to the rehabilitation of top-level athletes, Mathilde completed her research thesis on the theme of preventing musculoskeletal risks in young dancers in classical dance. His research led him to develop an information and prevention website for classical dance: “Dance your health!”.

It is in this perspective that she wished to prepare a master’s degree in Engineering for Health and Medicines (ISM) by participating in a scientific project conducted with the Opéra Garnier in Paris, “classical dance and cardio respiratory endurance. “.

At the end of 2017, she left the Alps for the capital with a view to developing the field of perineal rehabilitation. She is trained in the perineal file of B. de Gasquet (assessment approach, education, prevention and rehabilitation of the perineum integrating protection of the spine and maintenance of a harmonious abdominal tone) but also other fields such as respiratory physiotherapy in infants. which she practices in a cabinet in Versailles.

In 2010, Virgil graduated from the physiotherapy institute of Charleroi in Belgium.
The following year, he added a master’s degree in physiotherapy as such.

Tired of the Belgian climate, he decided, thereafter, to practice in Spain and in the south west of France, specializing in 3 areas: Sports physiotherapy, care of women and pediatrics. He works within different structures: With Marcel Cauffriez , specialist in hypopressive gymnastics (very famous in the postnatal field and in the care of women)

  • Within Respiralia , a center for children with cystic fibrosis. He took the opportunity to train in respiratory physiotherapy with Guy Postiaux
  • Within Polideportivo Principe De España, specializing in the treatment of top athletes from the Balearic Islands
  • In a trauma and post-surgical rehabilitation center in Bordeaux

In 2012, Virgil moved to London, not only to practice his profession as a physiotherapist in a new culture and discover a different approach to his profession, but also to obtain a master’s degree in Osteopathy at the very famous British school of osteopathy will graduate in 2014.

At the same time, Virgil continues to train in new areas:

  • In pediatric cranial osteopathy and other pediatric treatments at the BSO Children’s Clinic
  • In women’s care, participating in training in visceral osteopathy and obstetric osteopathy
  • In sports physiotherapy, obtaining an Inter University Diploma at the National Institute of Sport ( INSEP ). He puts this diploma directly into practice by following a South London Rugby team.

In parallel with his patients, Virgil still continues his research mainly focusing on the sitting posture and now teaches in Belgian training institutes.

Elodie graduated from the masso-kinesitherapie training institute in Besançon (France) in June 2010.

The same year, she obtained her university diploma in ethics (medical work in multidisciplinarity and management of difficult cases).
Following her diploma, Elodie continues to train and specialize in women’s care.
In 2011, she obtained a diploma in perineal re-education (manual practice and with equipment for perineal re-education), then a diploma in abdominal gymnastics that did not generate pressure (Gasquet method).
At the same time, she also follows the ABDO-Mg training of Luc Guillarme to prevent hyper-pressures on the perineum and abdominal diastasis.
She then continued with a diploma in K-taping in the context of women in pre and post partum but also in the context of sportsmen.
Discovering the limits of traditional physiotherapy, Elodie trained in manual therapy specializing in women’s care from 2011 to 2013.
Then trained in lymphatic drainage thanks to the Schiltz method.

In 2012, Elodie also pursued a university degree in pelvi-perineology at the University of Lyon as well as a diploma in respiratory physiotherapy at SUK in Paris.

Since 2012, Elodie has continued to train (about twice a year) in order to follow the evolution of techniques and participates in numerous conferences.

In 2014, she became interested in perineal pain and participated in 2 trainings in London and Paris on their subject.

In 2015, Elodie refocused on pregnant women and their problems, preparing for childbirth and carrying in a sling.
Lately, Elodie has trained in sports and abdominal or perineal problems caused by sport.

Elodie is an active member of the international society for rehabilitation in pelvi-perinology.

She has also given numerous interviews in French and English magazines:


Elodie worked for 4 years in France in practices located in Besançon and Lyon, specializing in women’s care and pediatrics.
Then, for 3 years, Elodie worked in a London firm also specialized in these same fields.

Perineal rehabilitation and more generally everything related to pregnancy and women’s health are areas that Elodie is very passionate about. She invests a lot in these treatments and always pushes the deepening.
Elodie also has significant knowledge in pediatrics (neuromotor delay, orthopedics and traumatology) and privileged contact with children.

Elodie is a Physiotherapist, HCPC registered, covered by most insurances.


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