First Treatment

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The first session always start with a thorough anamneses (history taking) and examination.

The anamneses allow us to understand not only your problem but also who you are and how this problem affects you. Once finish, we will then proceed to the examination. Depending of the issue you are presenting with, various procedures can be used: postural examination, neurological exam, pelvic floor assessment, balance…

As only a correct diagnosis brings to an appropriate treatment, we will combine the findings of the history taking and examinations to reach a clear diagnosis. It will be clearly explain to you and then we will tailor together a treatment plan answering your needs.


What to know

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to bring a treatment table to your home.
For home appointment, we are used to treat our patient either on a couch, a bed or a yoga mat


What to prepare and wear

For your convenience prepare two towels and wear comfortable clothes.

Additionally, keep in mind you may need to be in your underwear for examination and treatment.

No need to have a medical prescription to book an appointment

We are covered by most UK insurance but do not hesitate to ask confirmation prior to your first session.

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