Physical appointment during COVID-19

In order to follow government Covid 19 guidelines by staying alert and safe, we are continuing to take all health, safety and hygienic precautions:

For Home Visit:

Bring your mask (your practitioner will wear one too)

– Get one clean towel ready for your practitioner and one for yourself

Hands washed before & after the consultation

If you visit one of our practice:

Bring your mask (your practitioner will wear one too) and a towel for the bed.

– Arrive just on time for your appointment (to avoid waiting room). If you do arrive in advance please wait outside the clinic in an area with social distancing (2m/ 6ft) and you will be called in by your clinician. They are not to bring friends/ family unless absolutely necessary (e.g. for mobility reasons). Babies must stay in the buggie if you have to come with them.

Hands washed before & after the consultation


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