Orthopaedic check up

Paediatric orthopaedic check up baby under a blanket

An experienced physiotherapist will complete an assessment of all children who are going to have orthopaedic surgery. This assessment records joint ranges, muscle length, muscle tone, and age-appropriate functional skills such as crawling, standing, balance, walking and running.

The physiotherapy assessment is essential in aiding decision-making regarding surgery or other recommendations, for example botulinum toxin, orthotics, specialist equipment and physiotherapy programes. It also allows us to prepare you and your child for surgery, answer questions, and plan what help and further physiotherapy might be needed after you are discharged home.

Our specialist orthopaedic physiotherapy team are also present in clinics to assess children alongside the doctor. We also ensure effective communication with community physiotherapists.

Paediatric baby treatment: orthopedic check up

This can include exercises based on Sky Ward in bed, in the play room, multisensory room or in our physiotherapy gym. Other treatments might involve plastering or providing splints.

The aim of physiotherapy is to get joints and muscles moving and to gain functional skills, such as learning to walk with crutches or a frame. We aim to make physiotherapy child friendly and fun.

We offer home visit because we think it is more convenient for parents and your child is in a comfy, known place. But we also consult in our practice located in North london between Kentish town and Camden town.

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