Postural Exercises

Postural exercises are composed of large variety of exercises from sitting to standing, on a ball or against a wall. Their final aim is to correct your posture. However, as you may already know, it is not an easy task and it necessitates several steps composed of different type and level of exercises.

First, you need to gain consciousness of your wrong posture and the compensation causing it. It can seem trivial but patients commonly don’t realise they are slumping forward, tilted on a side or holding a shoulder higher than the other.

Second step consists to learn to control our posture, which implies a good proprioception (ability to feel and control your joints). Again, exercises that appears simple like breathing in a certain way or tilting your pelvis backward is often more difficult than expected.

Third and final step, you need to automatize the new posture. Once you aware of you incorrect posture and you know how to correct it, you need to change your habits. To do so, we use elements of distraction such as unstable position (sitting on a ball or standing on a stability cushion) or additional movements to develop your ability to maintain the good posture without thinking about it.

This approach is particularly useful for:

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