5 exercises to close your pelvis after giving birth

Throughout pregnancy, your body changed to create more space for your baby and become more mobile to facilitate the delivery. Once you gave birth, you will slowly recover and your pelvis, hips and ribs will have to close. Let’s see simple exercises to help pelvis closing!

Pelvis Closing:

  • Piriform stretching:

    • Lie on your back,
    • Bend your knees and bring one ankle on the opposite knee.
    • Then take this knee with both hands and bring it to your chest (You should feel a stretch in your buttock)
    • Maintain for 20s
    • Do the same on the other side
    • Repeat twice
  • Hip stretching:

    • Lie on your back,
    • Bend one knee and bring one ankle on the opposite knee.
    • Pull it with hand
    • Maintain for 20s
    • Push with knee against hand as if you want to open knee
    • Repeat twice

Hip closing gluteus medius stretch

  • Squatting: with heels on floor, hold for 1min

Squat for pelvis closing


  • Husband behind you with his hands around rib cage
  • Breath out and your husband press hands slightly toward center and down (to close the rib cage)
  • Breath out and he hold the pressure
  • Repeat 3 times

Rib closing pelvis closing

Psoas: Both knees on chest (30 sec on left side, 30 sec on right side)

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