4 tips to have a good pregnancy!

1) Understand pregnancy and how it modifies your body!

First thing, to have a good pregnancy, is to understand how pregnancy cause an hormonal revolution leading to postural and physiological changes. Then to appreciate how these modifications can lead to various disagreement such as pain, incontinence, constipation, heavy legs, stretch mark… By doing so, not only you’ll know what to expect but you’ll be able to be prevent them!

2) Prevent Pain

Keep strengthening your body

As said previously, pregnancy is a revolution for your body and it needs to sustain a massive amount of strain during this period. Therefore, it’s essential to prepare and maintain your body by being active which mean:

Carry on practising a sport!

Help your body exercise with the magic belt

3) Good bladder habits and good bowel habits

Why is constipation a frequent problem during pregnancy ?



Pregnancy also put a lot of strain on your urinary and digestive system so you need to understand what happen and how to prevent it

Techniques to manage urgency & urge incontinence



For example, incontinence and constipation are frequent in pregnancy, but did you know there is a simple techniques to manage urgency or constipation?

4) Prevent heavy and swollen legs

Leg heaviness is a really common symptom and you’ll probably experience them at some point of your pregnancy. This is due to 3 elements:

  • Your baby growing press on the main vein of your abdomen trapping blood in your legs
  • Your baby has his own blood system, which mean more work for your body to move the blood around
  • Your hormones (them again!) increase the size of your veins making more difficult to bring your blood back to you heart

To prevent leg heaviness, you should:

  • Avoid to gain too much weight (normal gain weight is around 12kg)
  • Drink enough water (1,5L/day)
  • Avoid heat as it enhance veins dilatation, so avoid floor heating and prefer cold leg bath to improve your blood return
  • Use support firm especially if you going to sit for a while
  • Try to avoid to sit still for more than one hour

Do circulatory exercises

With these simple tips you should be ready to have a beautiful pregnancy!

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