Post Natal Pain

post partum or post natal pains


Why do I still have pain after giving birth?

During pregnancy, your body undergoes major hormonal and physical changes. The body can be put to the test and it can be very painful!

Whether localized or more diffuse, there is a lot of pain after childbirth, as the whole body has been turned upside down, traumatized by the pregnancy and then the birth. Following the arrival of your baby, by caesarean section or if the medical staff has given you an epidural or performed an episiotomy, the rest can be unpleasant.

Where are the post-natal pains?

After the birth, or post partum, you may experience muscle pain or pain related to the healing of the body.

    Ano-rectal pain, most often related to difficulty in evacuating stool, will be the subject of an education of the defecation posture,
    The sacro-coccygeal and dorso-lombo-abdomino-pelvi-perineal pains: They are the consequence of the “characteristic attitude of the pregnant woman”: rolled up shoulders, lumbar hyperlordosis, projection of the abdomen forward, with a whole series of pains accentuating this withdrawal.
    Pain related to the pudendal nerve: It is characterized by perineal pain, often unilateral and of a burning type, sometimes with pain inside the anus, aggravated in a sitting position, relieved in a standing position and disappearing in a lying position; it is sometimes associated with pain around the vaginal orifice.
    Scarring pain from episiotomy, or from the release of stitches: of the type of stitches, awakened by the sitting position and during sexual intercourse.
    Pain in the external anal sphincter, lesions and tears of the sphincter, large episiotomy: pain of the type of stitches, intense, punctual, awakened by defecation and sometimes in a seated position.
    Pain of the abdominal strap: these are the most intense scarring pains in the pubic area of caesarean sections related to movement, but the diastasis of the Great Straight persists for more than half of the women and leads to incompetence of the abdominal strap and pain in the movements of daily life.

How to relieve pain after childbirth?

    Stretch your back and legs regularly
    Practice moderate or light physical and sports activity

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