How to Avoid Breastfeeding Pain? 1# Sore & Cracked Nipple

In 9 out of 10 cases, a few simple measures can relieve the pain. Therefore it is important to be accompanied by a competent breastfeeding professional. One the most frequent causes of pain are nipple cracks…

Nipple cracks & Sore Nipples: What are they?

Crack lesions appear as small red lines on the surface of the nipple, sometimes the whole nipple may appear red and abraded and may even bleed. They are often caused by an incorrect breastfeeding position.

To learn more about Breastfeeding Position follow our blog. We are going to publish an article about What are the Good Position of Breastfeeding?

How to treat Nipple & Sore Nipples?

To treat Cracked or Sore Nipples, anything that can worsen dehydration should be avoided. On the contrary, apply an emollient which will relieve pain and create a skin barrier.

The best treatment is prevention. The best prevention beeing to ensure that the baby has a good latch on (positional concern or sucking concern or both). The treatment of cracks also involves correcting the position of the baby’s body but also that of his mouth, his lips, his tongue. It will therefore be necessary to check it, get help and check that nothing is altering it (tongue-tie for example).

As we are going to see, the causes of pain during Breastfeeding are numerous. However, most cases are easily resolved once the cause has been detected. Therefore, it is always worth to seek the help of a Midwife specialised in Breastfeeding.

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