Birth Preparation

Birth Preparation

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Either it is your first pregnancy or not, you probably have a lot of questions.
Massive body changes are occurring leading to pain, discomfort and it is not always easy to have proper medical answer.

Our Women health physiotherapist is more than happy to answer your questions, provide specific advices and exercises to palliate non physiological changes to diminish your symptoms and help you to have the best pregnancy and delivery possible.

Preparing your body is essential to :

  • Relax your pelvis muscles (our women health physiotherapist will teach you contract and relax as well as massage your pelvis)
  • Control and correct our breathing to push your baby out (our women health physiotherapist will teach you how to breath and use your transverse muscle correctly)

Obviously our women health physiotherapist will be able to prevent and help with dysfunctions link to your pregnancy by :Women's health: pregnancy, birth preparation, pregnant woman with daddy

  • Protecting a correct stability and mobility of your pelvis and spine thanks to passive mobilisation (internal link) stretching (internal link), exercises…
  • Keep a normal tonicity of your pelvis muscles with gentle exercises and manual techniques
  • Enhancing breathing with Abdo MG techniques to relax your diaphragm
  • Learning how to control your transverse muscle to prevent weakness and diastasis after delivery
  • Avoid circulatory issues thanks to vascular gymnastic, drainage, circulatory massage, advices)
  • Decrease joints and muscles pain with gentle manipulation and adapt stretching and postural exercises
  • Diminish pelvis heaviness by using K-taping, exercises and advice
  • Advice to avoid constipation

Birth preparation is also very useful carry doing sport during your pregnancy and to go back to it afterward. Our women health physiotherapist will be able to provide advice and exercises to help you both if you are already a good athlete and if you want to start. (internal link)

Thanks to birth preparation sessions, your body will be able to recover quicker after you gave birth.

At My French Physio, our woman’s health (obstetric) physiotherapist offer home visit session because we think it is more convenient for mummies and allow you to rest at the end of the session. But consultation are also provided in our practice located in North london between Kentish town and Camden town.

Don’t forget to check our Birth Preparation Workshop:


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