Birth Preparation Workshop &
Fitness Classes for Pregnant and New Mums


Following repeated request from our patients, we decided to offer Exercise Classes Group for both Pregnant Women and New Mums. The aim is to create an environment where our patients can practice the exercises program we gave them during their treatment with other women to make it more fun! However, these gym Pregnancy and Post-Natal classes are also open to Women who didn’t follow a treatment with My French Physio before but wish to practice a physical activity safely for them and their baby.

Additionally, we also now offer Birth Preparation Workshop.
The aim is to offer a condensate of the knowledge of our Women’s Health Physio and Midwife in 2 hours to help you to have the best pregnancy possible and get you ready for the due day!

Birth Preparation Classes

During these 2 workshops, our Women’s Health Physio and our Midwife will teach you How your Body Change Throughout Pregnancy? Teach you How to Stay Active to Enjoy your Pregnancy Fully? Thanks to adapted exercises and also will give you recommendations to prepare to give birth (breathing, pelvic massage, how to push, etc.) and to prepare for the arrival of your baby (breastfeeding, sleeping patern, etc.)!

These 2 classes of Birth Preparation can be follow separately and at any point of your pregnancy. However, we obviously made them complementary!

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Gym Classes for Pregnant Women and New Mums

In these Antenatal and Postnatal Fitness Classes, you will:
– Continue to stay active throughout your pregnancy with safe and adapted exercises to your situation
– Get back to sport and In Shape after giving birth

Our specialised antenatal and post-natal Women’s Health Physio will assure you a safe exercises practice during your pregnancy and adapted recovery after you give birth without risk for your pelvic floor or abdominal muscles.

These Pregnancy and Post-Natal classes are often used by our patients to practice the exercises we gave them during their birth preparation program our pelvic floor rehab. However, these classes can be used by pregnant women or new mums who never had treatment with My French Physio but wish to stay active during their pregnancy or resume a physical activity safely after giving birth. They would only need to have an initial one to one appointment with one of our Women’s Health Physio to insure there are no contra indication and to determine what are their specific needs.

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