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In these antenatal classes, our highly trained Midwife and our Women’s Health Physiotherapists will give you the knowledge to understand how the pregnancy changes your body, teach you how to stay healthy with exercises for you to have the best pregnancy possible and useful advices/techniques (e.g. breathing techniques, perineal massage) to be prepared for your delivery!

Having a baby is a magical time – but it can feel overwhelming, too. Future or young parents, come share a friendly and informative moment at these workshops.

We are making sure you’re prepared for labour and early parenthood. A time to exchange, share, practice, learn and discover.

Open to all future and young parents, moms and dads alone or as a couple, with friends, with or without babies.

Workshop n°1:

How to Have a Good Pregnancy and get Ready for Giving Birth?

Understand how pregnancy change your body

One of the aims of this workshop to empower you through a better understanding of what your body is getting through with anatomy and physiology notions.

Pregnancy is a changing time. It is a complete revolution for your body. Sometimes it’s comfy, some other you will wish you could give birth right away… It can be a great source of stress, especially if it’s your first baby and your discovering it all and if it’s your second or more, you also have stress/challenge to take care of the olders!
Therefore, within the birth preparation sessions our women’s health physio will explain you all these changes with advices on how to manage them to give you the possibility to have the pregnancy you dreamed of and to relax!

For more information about these changes:

Our women’s health physio on top of explaining everything will also be able to answer your question and your concern, perfect to reduce your stress and putting you in control of your pregnancy!

Exercises to keep mobile & avoid pain during pregnancy

Some example of exercises you will learn in this antenatal class:

What pelvic floor is? How to exercise it? Protect it?

Thanks to specific exercises and techniques such as pelvic floor massage and Epino, this antenatal class will help you to prepare your pelvic floor for the delivery but also to recover quicker/better after it!

Our women’s health physio will also teach you breathing and pushing technique during delivery to reduce risks of episiotomy and tear.

To learn more:

Understand labour and what can happen
In this antenatal class, to help your to be ready for the day and know what will or can happen, our women’s health physio will review:
  • Stages of labour
  • Type of delivery (C-section, natural birth, waterbirth…)
  • Techniques which may be used during delivery (Episiotomy, epidural, forceps) and why

It will help you decide what kind of delivery you are looking for and be prepare on the day!

You can learn more about C-section here:

Learn all the tips to keep active :
Such as:
  • Take care of your older baby
  • Move around safely (how to stand up? lye down? Move in bed? Sleep? Ect.)
  • Practice sport safely

To learn more about the last point you can have a look at:


Price £80 + £10 for daddy
Duration: 2h

First Wednesday of the month
From 5pm to 7pm

At our Kentish Town Practice
For exact dates and book please Contact Us

Workshop n°2:

What to expect for the delivery and for early parenthood?

Learn when to come to the maternity

In this antenatal class, to help you to be ready for the day and know what will or can happen, our midwife will review:

– What are the different emergencies
– How to detect contractions
– How to know if Water broke

Understand labour and how to be prepared

Learn more about the different stages of labour and birth, being induced, reasons why C-section might occur.

For more information:

Learn about postnatal care for mother and child

– How to make a bottle

– How to understand baby’s rhythm

– How to give a bath and change your baby.

Learn about feeding:

– How to start breastfeeding and help baby to have a good suction

– Different positions for breastfeeding

– How to prevent breast cracks?

– How to get your nipples ready!

Price £80 + £10 for daddy
Duration: 2h


Third Wednesday of the month
From 5pm to 7pm
At our Kentish Town Practice
For exact dates and book please Contact Us

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