How dad can help during pregnancy?

How dad can help during pregnancy?

Dad can be a key for having a good pregnancy. However, in our practice, we see a lot of daddies who are a bit lost and are unsure what to do. Let’s see simple tips that can make a huge difference and make them an essential actor of your pregnancy!   First, always remember you love her and yes, hormonal changes have very weird effect on her mood, such as crying or screaming for no reason. But remember it is only for 9 months, or at least in theory… Secondly, pregnancy is a big trauma for woman body and involve a lot of pain, not only during delivery but often way before. You can easily help her to manage pain and be her hero following simple techniques. Massage is a great way to relieve low back pain, sciatic pain or muscles spasms. It also improves blood circulation decreasing swelling and heavy legs. Massage also prevents stretch mark as relax the skin and help it to be stretch without breaking. But mainly, it relaxes and relieves stress and anxiety!   Similarly different stretching can help maintain a good pelvic mobility and prevent pelvic dysfunction and pelvic pain!   Pregnancy trauma does not only create pain, but also drastically change her body image. Do you remember last time you experience such a huge change in your body? Yes, I am speaking about your teenage. You were clumsy, not always controling correctly your body and had a low self-esteem. Therefore, you can understand what she is getting through and the importance to be a psychological support by being understanding.     Another point is for you to be prepared for delivery. Your partner would probably follow a lot of birth preparation classes and read a lot about it. However, on the day she will be stressed and in pain and she is likely to forget everything. So, if you don’t want to be useless and very stress because you have no idea of what is going on and what you can do, it is essential to be involved on the pregnancy from the beginning. For example, you can help her to keep a good breathing pattern or give her a good back massage and help her to stretch to make the pain more manageable   Lastly, be aware of what kind of delivery your partner planned as the midwife may ask you or you could have to remind them. Does she want an epidural? Is she ok to for an emergency c-section? Ask yourself, do you want to be in the operation room or do you want to cut the umbilical cord? It is ok to forget a birthday but for a delivery it may have more consequences! Hope you find these tips and exercises interesting. Don’t hesitate to ask you question in the comment below!

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  1. Yes dad’s as a doula we work with you to get you prepared to assist your partner.We never replace a father. I just hold the space for you.

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