Pelvis pain rehabilitation

Pelvis pain rehabilitation

All along pregnancy and following delivery, you could experience different kind of pain. Depending on the type, our physiotherapist will adapt her techniques.

women's health Physiotherapy treatment for pelvic pain and obstetric issues

  • Ano-rectal pain is caused by difficulty to eliminate stools: Our physiotherapist will use :
  • Pudendal nerve pain: Our physiotherapist will use :
    • distraction techniques,
    • external and internal stretching
    • relaxation exercises
  • Episiotomy or tear pain: Our physiotherapist will use :
    • massage,
    • teaching of auto-massage
    •  electrostimulation

At My French Physio, our woman’s health (obstetric) physiotherapist offer home visit session because we think it is more convenient for mummies and allow you to rest at the end of the session. But consultation are also provided in our practice located in North london between Kentish town and Camden town.


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