Pessary Cube

Pessary Cube

Do you have urinary issue while performing an effort like running? Or do you have prolapse limiting your possibility to do sport? Yet you would like to keep active?

Are you pregnant and start to feel heaviness in the lower part of your belly?

Or you just want to prevent these issues?

For all the mentioned cases, you are going to be interested by Pessary Cube and the following!
Pessary Cube is super useful but sadly not well known by non-medical professional. I am only going to speak about Pessary Cube and not of Pessary Donut which need to be prescribe by a gynaecologist.

What is Pessary Cube?

It is a cube (thanks captain obvious!) made of silicone placed in intra-vaginal. It diminishes prolapse symptoms such as heaviness, pain, effort incontinence…
Pessary Cube is used in case of non-exteriorised bladder or uterus prolapse. For exteriorised prolapse, it loses its efficiency.
For anal prolapse (rectocele), Pessary Cube has little to no impact.

Have a look at our previous blog article for more details about this issues and there treatment here.

pessaire cube

  How Pessary cube work?

It holds prolapsed organ in correct position compensating pelvic floor muscles weakness which normally play this role.
Consequently, Pessary Cube doesn’t cure prolapses but it limits symptoms which is already great as it can allow you to go back to your normal life and prevent surgery…

It is also commonly used in pregnancy. Your baby growing will push your bladder and uterus down. If you work standing up (another risk factor for prolapse), Pessary Cube is an excellent way to prevent post-natal prolapse. You can keep it few hours or even a day without problem (but not more!).

How to use Pessary Cube?

Always ask specific instruction to your gynaecologist or women’s health physiotherapist. Your medical practitioner would be able to check the size of the Pessary Cube and teach you how to put it. It is really easy but always better to have explanation from a medical professional to then to do it by yourself. Use of a Pessary Cube requires lubricant and sometimes use of an oestrogen cream if there are menopausal symptoms.

  Pessary cube

My opinion on Pessary Cube:

It is a shame to be limited in our practice of sport by women issues… This simple object allows you to run and practice your physical activity without to risk aggravating your prolapse.
Obviously, it is not a cure and its benefits stop as soon as you are not using it. Consequently, it needs to be combined with a global Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation (our previous article on the topic here) to strengthen your perineum muscles, transversus abdominis, regain good consciousness/control of these muscles and breathing to prevent bad abdominal push on your pelvic floor and advert effect like incontinence and prolapse

As women’s health physiotherapist and as a woman, I also advise to use Pessary Cube in preventive way when practicing regularly impact sport (more details about impact sport here). Myself, even without particular issue, I use it when I run.

Similarly, don’t hesitate to use Pessary cube when pregnant to alleviate sensation of heaviness and to prevent postpartum prolapse! Especially for pregnant women working standing up for hours even after 8 months (waitress, physio, nurse…).

As usual, I hope you find it interesting, don’t hesitate to look at our previous Videos and Articles and to ask your questions in the comment!

See you next week 😉

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