Pubis Symphysis Pain

Pubis Symphysis Pain
During Pregnancy


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Groin pain during Pregnancy are fairly common as pregnancy is associated with important hormonal and biomechanical changes. It helps create space for your baby to grow but also to make labour easier.

However it also overload pelvic joints and muscles creating pain…

The most common reason of groin pain also name pubis symphisis pain or even Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD) are:

  • Adductor tendonitis
  • Abdominal muscles spasm
  • Psoas spasm
  • Pubic symphysis inflammation
  • Sacro iliac inflammation
  • Inguinal ligament irritation

If you have no clue what these muscles and ligament are and what they do, please have a look at our article about pelvic joints and pelvic floor anatomy!

Pelvis & Pelvic floor Anatomy

And if you are too tired to read, don’t worry, we have a video to help you learn more about your pelvic floor anatomy!



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