Washing nose

Paediatric baby chest physio treatment washing nose

What product do we use to wash babies nose?

We use isotonic saline solution (similar concentration to physiological liquid) either in spray (sterimar) or physiological serum. It is non-irritant for the sensible tissues of the nose and it is easy to control the volume used. Also prefer a product with a conic and smooth end to avoid hurting your baby nostril.

How do we clean baby nose?

  • Baby is lying on his/her back on the changing table
  • The physiotherapist turn his/her head on the side as he gently block with his arm the body and arm of your baby
  • Then, the therapist will introduce the physiological serum in the upper nostril of your baby
  • The liquid is injected in one and slow motion. Part of the liquid and mucus will come out from the other nostril
  • As your baby breath out, the physiotherapist will block the nostril to help to bring out more mucus
  • This technique is repeat on both side

The physiotherapist will show you how to use a modification of this technique which is easier to perform.

We offer home visit because we think it is more convenient for parents and allow your child to stay at home. But we also consult in our practice located in North london between Kentish town and Camden town.

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