What is Indiba?

We have ben talking about it for months, we finally get it!

And we are all very happy as we can all use it either in Women’s health or in MSK.

This is not it, it will be part of your treatment (with manual therapy, exercises, posture…)

Great but What can you treat?


Or almost! 

Treatment with Indiba can:

In women’s health:

  • Rapid recovery from tears and episiotomies
  • and C section scars
  • Improve pelvic muscles ability to contract and relax, reducing pain
  • Reduce chronic pelvic pain
  • Help with haemorrhoids and anal fissure


In Msk, it will :

  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce swelling
  • Improve mobilisation and muscular strength
  • Enable faster healing

How does it work?

INDIBA is a non-ablative and non-invasive radiofrequency electric current device.

The main purpose of the radiofrequency device is to increase local tissue temperature.

Indiba will maximise the bodies natural response.

These effects have been established as;

  • Stem cells stimulation (for tissue regeneration and wound healing)
  • Fat deposit inhibition (for body contour)
  • Chondrocyte stimulation (joint treatment)

INDIBA can be used in conjunction with manual therapy and exercise. By reducing pain, increasing blood flow, and relaxing muscle tissue can improve the tolerance to manual therapy and help in compliance with exercises for both men and women.

Is it safe?

Yes! But better to know how to use it!

Our physio have been trained for days to provide adapt and safe treatment to our patients.

Patient must be at the center of his treatment and his feeling will allow the physio to adjust his therapy to make it as efficient and as safe as possible.

If you have tried it too, leave a reply to tell us more about your feeling.

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