5 Rules to Start Breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding can be challenging… Many issues can create pain like Cracked Nipples, Mastite, Upper Back Pain, Engorgement…
However, most of these problems can be prevent with simple advices.

Rule # 1: The more efficiently the baby sucks, the more milk there will be.

So the mother of a baby who sucks every 2-3 hours will have abundant lactation, while the mother who tries to “make the baby wait” will have significantly less milk. Frequent feeding are signals for the mother’s body to produce more milk.

Early latching and frequent feeding. Breastfeed as often as your baby expresses the need to.

Once back from the maternity, let your baby guide you.

Rule # 2: Let the baby breastfeed as long as he wants (effective breastfeeding of course).

A baby has to suck long enough to get to the fatty end-of-feed milk, which is rich, high in calories and which allows the baby to gain weight and grow.

Rule # 3: Adopt a good breastfeeding position

to avoid nipple cracks, so that your baby can breastfeed efficiently and for your comfort!

Follow our blog to learn more about good breastfeeding position. We are going to publish soon about What are the good Position to Breastfeed?

Rule # 4: Offer both breasts at each feeding

Give him the first breast until he comes off, then offer the other breast if he wants more, until he lets go or falls asleep. At the next feed, reverse, offering the breast that was offered last first. It is common for some babies to stay on the first breast for twenty, twenty-five minutes. If you feel he is sucking effectively and is full after feeding, this is his way of breastfeeding. His state of well-being will let you know that this is the way that suits him best.

Rule # 5: Efficient sucking

To get milk out and stimulate milk production, the baby must have the nipple and a good part of the areola in the mouth. Hold your baby tightly against you in a comfortable position and make sure he doesn’t have to strain to keep the nipple in his mouth. Signs of good sucking: after a phase of rapid sucking movements, your baby will suck more intensely and you can hear him swallow regularly. If your baby pees regularly, it is a sign that he is drinking well!

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