Micturition Time Chart (Urination Calendar)


Micturition Time Chart
(Urination Calendar)



In our Videos, we speak about Micturition Calendar. Let’s explain what it is exactly!

You (or your partner!!) thing you spending way too much time going to the loo. Or in a more objective view, you either:

  • Need to go more than once every 2h?
  • Suffer from urgency? You have the impression to die in front of your door because you need to go whereas 5min before you were totally fine!
  • Suffer from urine leakage after urinating?

In these cases, it is advisable to start a calendar with your drink intakes (amount and number) and your visit to the toilet (amount and number). It will help to know whether there is a problem or not and which one is it, to be able tackle the problem specifically!

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So how do we do a Micturition Calendar???

For two days, a week day and a week-end (as your habits are different), you need to write:

  • When you go to the loo and the quantity: with one X for a small quantity, two XX for a moderate and three XXX for an important quantity
  • What you are drinking and how much (one cup of tea or one pint of beer or 250ml of water…)
  • When you have a bowel movement (have a look to our video about good position for bowel movement and how to avoid constipation)

Once done, we need to make sense of the results!

  • First, fluid intake! If you are not in a situation of important sweating (hot weather, sport, sauna). You should drink 1.5L a day. Not less or your urine would become too concentrated and would irritate your bladder. But not more neither! Drinking does help to lose weight but will increase urgency sensation!
  • Drinking time: careful to not drink too much in the evening and at night, you need to leave time to your bladder to rest. Avoid especially tea (which is a diuretic) in the case you need to wake up several times at night. Similarly, avoid drinking 1L of water in 10min and then nothing for 5h. It is better to drink small quantity throughout the day.
  • If you don’t have at least a bowel movement a day, it means you are constipated and can be the source of urgencies. Have a look at our article and video on the topic!
  • Are you addicted to coffee, tea, soda, sugar or sparkling water? Careful, it is a bladder exciter, even if your bladder is not full, yet it trigger the need to pee!
  • Do you regularly drink alcohol? WARNING: they are also diuretic and are one of the main causes for the toilet queue at the pub…
  • You are going to the loo more than once every two hours? It is already too much! You need to reduce. Or are you going less than once every 5h? It is really not enough! In both case it is dangerous for your bladder. The correct time between two visit to the toilet is between 2h30 and 4h to have an healthy bladder and avoid urgencies and leaking

Obstetrci physio urgency

 Thanks to the micturition calendar we already know a lot about your bladder habits, now we need to find a way to correct the bad habits. We call it rehabilitation.

Next week, we’ll start to speak about rehabilitation and I’ll explain you how to decrease urgency and how to be able to wait longer between two visits to the loo!

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