Palper Rouler

physiotherapy osteopathy treatment palper rouler for celulite and heavy legs

What is Palper Rouler?

Palper Rouler is a French (as you could guess) manual technique, allowing to break adhesions between adipose cells (fat) underneath the skin and the skin itself to enhance their elimination. This technique is particularly useful to aim specifically for adipose cells and to protect blood vessel very fragile among women.

It is why, Palper Rouler is used against Cellulite! It eliminates the orange peel skin without damaging the skin or the blood vessel.

It is most well known for cellulite treatment but it is also used to relieve joint pain (such as back pain) and when we want to work on a scar like C-Section Scar.

How does Palper Rouler Work?

To perform this massage, we take fold of skin between the thumbs and the other fingers and we slide it all along the area that we want to treat. Depending on the type of skin, the area to be treated and the reason for the treatment, we can perform some variations of this technique, but the principle always remains the same.

Among these variants, we can perform this massage in a static way: in this case we will make a fold of the skin and we will try to take it off the body as much as possible. This technique will be done especially in areas with a lot of adhesion where the dermis is not very mobile.

However, in the case of softer skin, there is also the Wettervald maneuver which consists in making a classic Palper Rouler, but this time we will associate an “S” movement when sliding the fold.

What is the Goal of Palper Rouler ?

Palper Rouler has two main purposes:

First, it helps loosen the adhesions that are in the skin tissue. This helps to restore the flexibility of the skin and the underlying tissues leading to a better joint mobility.

Second, this massage also has a re-vascularization objective to promote healing and the elimination of waste (especially in the treatment of Cellulite).

Who can Benefit from Palper Rouler?


Cellulite is an accumulation of fat underneath your skin that can give the skin an “orange peel” appearance when it stays on for too long.

Palper Rouler Treatement Against Cellulite in LondonThese fats deposit can set in because of:

– Genetic factors

– A diet too rich in fat and salt

– Sedentary lifestyle

– Venous and lymphatic return disorders.

– Hormonal change like in Pregnancy

In this case the Palper Rouler will have a first effect to take off and mobilize the fats, then the re vascularizing effect which will promote their elimination.

In the case of cellulite treatment, it will be important to associate a circulatory massage such as Massage Lymphatic Drainage but also muscle exercises involving the areas treated to promote fat elimination but also to prevent it from coming back.

Here an example of exercises program for the thighs and legs:

Joint pain

Any immobilization of a part of the human body leads to its fixation. This is also the case for the skin tissues. Pain very often leads to decreased movement of the affected joint which will therefore lead to decreased tissue movement and vice versa.

In this case, Palper Rouler is used to restore flexibility to the tissues which in turn will restore the joint mobility. In addition, the vascularisation effect of this massage has an analgesic and healing effect.

Often used in chronic back pain.


Whether surgical or not during wound healing, the tissues reform in an anarchic manner and create adhesions between the different layers of the dermis. It is important to always work on a scar once it has closed in order to avoid its adhesion causing pain.

We offer Palper Rouler Treatment and all of our other services at home visit because we think it is more convenient for mummies and allow you to rest at the end of the session. But we also consult in our practices located in North london between Kentish town and Camden town and our Pimlico practice in South London.

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