How Does Pregnancy Change Your Body?

How does pregnancy change your body?

Pregnancy is a changing time. It is a complete revolution for your body. Sometimes it’s comfy; some other you will wish you could give birth right away… 

No worries, it is the same in any pregnancy (even if one of your friends said: ‘It was the best time of my life without pain or discomfort’, don’t trust her!)

Hormonal modifications

At the beginning of your pregnancy (1-18 weeks), Hormone HCG is the reason of your nausea

During the whole pregnancy, oestrogen and progesterone are very high.

Thanks to them, you have beautiful hair but you are exhausted!

At the end of your pregnancy, ocytocine is responsible for contractions


Anatomical changes

Muscular and ligament modifications


Weight gain

12 kg is the normality (especially in the 1st pregnancy). Be careful, gaining more than 12kg is really easy, but really difficult to loose afterwards. Exercising in pregnancy is a good way to control it. We did several videos and post on how to do sport in pregnancy if you want to know more!

Pelvis modification

  • Your lumbar curve will increase (sway back) causing sciatica, pelvic girdle pain and back pain…
  • Anterior pelvis tilted: This is the reason of the “pregnant position” with a big curve in your lower back
  • More pressure of viscera (uterus ++) on the pubic symphysis: You can feel the heaviness (specially at then end of the day)



You will have an increase in your joints/muscles flexibility during the 1st trimester. Maybe, this is the first time you can touch your feet without bending your legs!

Pregnancy: pregnant woman from the side

Physiological modifications

You probably noticed it but many things happen during pregnancy!

Your blood circulation is worst than before (poor blood return and water retention). Unfortunately, it causes varicose, cellulite and phlebitis

And you are out of breath! (I know my office is at the 1st stair, I can hear pregnant ladies coming!!)

Not only you cannot do it what you like, but also you have Reflux: The reason why you can’t lie down anymore… Gaviscon (you can find it in boots, or even Sainsbury. But, please, be careful, it is a medication) is your best friend!

When you are pregnant, you need to go to the loo very often and you can’t wait. We called that Urgency. In this post here, we explain how to manage it!

An other kind or urinary issues you can have is:

Pollakiuria (you know, the fact you are going to the loo every 10 minutes!) and Nocturia (when you wake up during the night many times to urinate)

Stress incontinence or the “oops’ when you are coughing or sneezing, is very common during pregnancy. If it appears before 6 months you should see a physio to help you to deal with. Otherwise, you may have issues after delivery.

Sometimes, pregnant ladies have painful or difficult urination. We called it Dysuria. See your GP to check if it is not a urinary infection.

A women’s health physiotherapist can help you with these issues. For more details about physiotherapy treatment in pregnancy have a read at:

And finally, Stretch marks (a souvenir of each of your pregnancy…). To learn more about what cause stretch mark and how to prevent them have look at our video:

For funnier pregnancy symptoms, Have a look at this article.


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