Pregnancy Pain


Pregnancy Pain

With hormone kicking in, baby growing and often difficulty to sleep, there are plenty of reasons to be in pain while pregnant. However, most of the time, the pain will be localised in your lower back, your bottom, your groin and/or your hips.

The key is to try to keep as mobile as possible and do sport regularly to prevent these issues. As we know it is not always easy to find adapted sport activity for pregnancy, we also offer antenatal pregnancy classes.

However, sometimes it is not enough and you can start to feel pain anyway as the baby start to be heavier and the hormones are doing their work of relaxing your muscles and joints for the due day. Consequently, at My French Physio, we offer a combination of Osteopathic and Physiotherapy techniques to help you get through your pregnancy as pain free as possible!


You can also have a look at our playlist to do safe exercises at home while pregnant!



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