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Advices and exercises about pelvic floor issues and rehabilitation provided by Elodie Poissenot a specialist in Woman’s health (obstetric) and post natal care

Sport After Giving Birth!

Sport After Giving Birth! In our previous blog posts and videos we saw How to Practice Sport Safely while Pregnant? However, now you gave birth and baby is here for few weeks already, you feel less tired and you start to think about getting back to sport... But how???     First let’s see: What are…
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Good and Bad abdominal exercises!

Good and Bad abdominal exercises! If you read our blog regularly, you already know “classic” abdominal exercises like crunches and sit up are bad for your pelvic floor, back and abdomen as they increase intra-abdominal pressure. Today will see in details why these exercises are harmful and how to perform safe abdominal exercises! This increase…
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5 exercises to close your pelvis after giving birth

5 exercises to close your pelvis after giving birth Throughout pregnancy, your body changed to create more space for your baby and become more mobile to facilitate the delivery. Once you gave birth, you will slowly recover and your pelvis, hips and ribs will have to close. Let's see simple exercises to help pelvis closing!…
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