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When Elodie and I (Virgil) arrived in London, we were really surprised to discover some areas of our works (women’s health physiotherapy mainly) were not that well know in UK. On a daily basis we were repeating information which should be available to anyone. Consequently we decided to share our knowledge through a Blog and a YouTube Channel. Initially, we were covering mostly pregnancy and post natal issue but now we widen our topics to Baby Physiotherapy, MSK issues and Sport Physiotherapy.


If you are one of our patients, here you will find the information/advices we gave you in our sessions and the videos of the exercises we showed you. For the others, please browse around for the information you need and don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments!


We publish a new article every week. If you find it interesting, don’t hesitate to share it and like us on Facebook to be updated on our new publication!

Obviously, all of articles are in French and in English!

Here you will find information about:

Pre & post-natal issues and their treatments

Sport After Giving Birth!


Bronchiolitis & Chest Physiotherapy

 Musculoskeletal & Sport Physiotherapy

Physio Myth Buster: How to Sleep Well?



On our YouTube Chanel, we publish every week a new video about either:


Women’s health issue

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Sport Physiotherapy

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