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Advices and exercises about pelvic floor issues and rehabilitation, pregnancy issues, birth preparation, pelvic pain and dysfunction provided by Elodie Poissenot a specialist in Woman’s health (obstetric), pregnancy and post natal care

4 tips to have a good pregnancy!

4 tips to have a good pregnancy!       1) Understand pregnancy and how it modifies your body! First thing, to have a good pregnancy, is to understand how pregnancy cause an hormonal revolution leading to postural and physiological changes. Then to appreciate how these modifications can lead to various disagreement such as pain,…
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Sport After Giving Birth!

Sport After Giving Birth! In our previous blog posts and videos we saw How to Practice Sport Safely while Pregnant? However, now you gave birth and baby is here for few weeks already, you feel less tired and you start to think about getting back to sport... But how???     First let’s see: What are…
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How dad can help during pregnancy?

How dad can help during pregnancy? Dad can be a key for having a good pregnancy. However, in our practice, we see a lot of daddies who are a bit lost and are unsure what to do. Let’s see simple tips that can make a huge difference and make them an essential actor of your…
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Number 2: how does it work?

Number 2: how does it work? Everybody goes to the loo (even princess!), but do you know how does it work? How does your body can on command hold on for hours and empty when the appropriate time appears?   Continence First let’s see why we are not force to wear diaper and we can…
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