Post Natal Pain

Post Natal Pain


A large variety of pain can appear after delivery, your whole body having suffer a massive trauma throughout the pregnancy and labour.

  • Ano-rectal pain, often link to difficulty to eliminate stools, require bowel habits and postural education


  • Sacral, coccyx (tailbone) and thoraco-lombar-abdominal-pelvi-perineum pains result from postural and biomechanical change occurring over the pregnancy: shoulder inside, increased lordosis (lower back arch backward), abdomen shift forward, hips in external rotation (feet outside like a cowboy)


  • Pain related to pudendal nerve: it is characterized by a perineal pain often on one side, similar as a burning sensation with sometimes pain inside the anus. These symptoms are aggravated in sitting position and relived in standing/lying position. It can also be associated to a pain around vaginal orifice


  • Pain due to episiotomy scar or suture break, increased in sitting position and during sexual intercourse


  • Pain at external anal sphincter level, due to injury, tear, large episiotomy. It presents as an intense and punctual pain trigger by bowel movement and sometimes in sitting position


  • Abdominal pain: C-section scar are one of the cause but rectus addomini diastasis lead to dysfunction of abdominal muscles and may result in pain while performing simple movement and task of life.
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